Ultimate Guide to Choose The Best Web Development Company in Kolkata in 2020

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Is Website Security Threat your biggest Concern?

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In any web development company project maintenance and security plays an integral role. No matter whichever types of website you deal with whether personal or professional it is best to have a security check every once in a while. Since security threat and relative issues have become a major concern in today’s world of ever-growing … Read more

5 Startling Features of WordPress You Should Know

WordPress an open-source content management system is a website building tool that enables anyone to create and modify a website in the simplest way for free. It not only helps in creating an SEO friendly website but also features a lot of new aspects like plug-ins and themes. Apart from that in the world of … Read more

Top 5 E-mail Plugins for WordPress

In this digital era, all interactions between customers and organizations are online and, therefore, you need to jump on the bandwagon to take all your ideas and promotional events to the thousands of users on time. But how do you simultaneously keep your users engaged and your business to proliferate in context? The best solution … Read more

Uplift Your E-Commerce RoI With Magento Framework

The e-commerce platform is a complete software tool that allows entrepreneurs to create and manage a digital framework for their goods and services. The web development company designed E-commerce platforms to aid entrepreneurs in developing a centralized digital centre for product and customer data. It also allows companies to perform tasks such as online transactions.  … Read more

How Shopify Blog Templates Boost Traffic into Sales

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Benefits of Magento 2 in Developing E-commerce Website

Magento 2 remains a favourite e-commerce solution for leading web development company to reach the current market. It is an open-source e-commerce platform and is an improvement over Magento 1, providing an immersive experience for large and small users. Magento 2 is prefered by the web development company because it is faster to load, easier … Read more