Ultimate Guide to Choose The Best Web Development Company in Kolkata in 2020

When you are looking for Best Web Development Company in Kolkata in 2020, it is hard to choose among hundreds of websites listing in a small region near Dum Dum – Salt Lake area, thats why you need to keep some key factors in mind that will help you determine who is the best. In this article we will discuss all the things you should remember while choosing a Web Development Company in Kolkata.


Check How Old is the Company

Almost Everywhere Goodwill or Trustworthiness of a company depends on how old the company is, so always check when the company was formed. A simple way to check that is to check the main website domain is how old. You can check all the details of any domain here https://www.whois.com/whois/ paste the domain name of the company’s business website and see when was the domain registered. If the company is claiming to be running for 10 years and domain is just 1 year old, there may be some some underlying truth. Actually there are many web development company in kolkata, and many new companies pop up every month, but most of them do not last over an year due to many reasons.

Check Social Presence :

Unless a web development company is brand new or run by a old man, all the companies have social presence to some extent. If not everything, it should have a Facebook Page at least and should be some recent posts there which is not years old. If that is not the scenario then you may want to stay away from the company. Now if you are wondering why social presence is important, because it not only build a brand for any business but also helps with SEO and communicate with potential customers.  So if the web development company in kolkata does not care about their own social presence, they will not care about your business.

Check Their Portfolio :

Every web development company in kolkata have portfolio and they boast to show their clients portfolio, mostly on the home page. Check their client’s websites, check for website design and SSL certificates. It may be that the displayed list dont have a clickable link, and thats natural. You need to search with company name and usually first result is their business website. You can also call that company and ask for the feedback of the developer but many times customer executives handle these call and they dont have a clue about what you are asking.

Check SEO Score of that web development company in kolkata

SEO Checkup for web development company in kolkata

SEO is a mandatory parameter of running any website long time, so any business with a 5 year plan needs to attend to its SEO, at least for On-Site SEO only. And almost always every web developer in kolkata claims to provide service of SEO for your business. To check SEO Score, there are many free websites which do not need any registration.

  1. Neil Patel’s Ubbersuggest
  2. Woorank
  3. seositecheckup.com

You can check in any other Free SEO Checkup tool, but in all of these checking website, the web development company should have a score of minimum 50, lower than that and you will know they dont care about their SEO at all.

Check Policy Pages of the website design company in kolkata:

There is a common proverb that says “devil is in the details”, which means often the fine print is buried inside the details of the terms. Thats true for every web development company in kolkata as they often hide many facts inside their policy pages, or do not have any policy page at all. Keep in mind, every web development company are bound to have the following policy pages, its a mandatory :

  1. Terms & Conditions
  2. Privacy Policy / Data use Policy
  3. Cookie Use Policy
  4. Refund Policy

If they are present, read the refund policy successfully, see what are their terms and conditions, they really created one for their business or just copy pasted from somewhere else.

Check Pricing for the Kolkata web development company

Review for web development company in kolkata


If the business website of the web development company in kolkata has a pricing or package, then great, you can see what features they are offering in what price. But if you dont find any pricing or package list they you might want to stay away they tend to charge anything without any package, what we say that charging according to customer, not the customer requirements. This is a malpractice done by many companies and they are used to haggle over package price by veteran customers. Stay away from such web design company in kolkata.

After Sale Service of a website design company in kolkata :

This is the most important aspect of any service, after sales service decide whether a customer will purchase again or not, and if he/she will recommend that  web development company in kolkata to other persons. What generally happens is that when you call these companies, receptionist take the call and forward the call to the sales person of that web development company.  Now these sales person work as commission system and they will promise you heaven and earth to get your project started and they get the commission for that project.

But the actual website development is done by a completely separate section – the website developers, and they tend to try and reduce as much work as possible. As a result you are promised the rose by the sales person of that  web development company but you get the thorn from the company web developer in kolkata.

Learn the Backend System for web development company

Websites can be developed using many coding languages, and you should also know web development vs web design. Previously coders used html css design and build web sites but those were static websites. Now a days,  PHP with mySQL is used in content systems such as wordpress. So always try to get updated technology and Responsive websites rather than static websites.

Always ask these questions for website design company in kolkata

Remember to ask these questions before selecting any web development company in kolkata : 

  1. Will you get domain access ?
  2. What type of hosting they are providing ?
  3. Will you get cpanel access ?
  4. What is Uptime %
  5. What are conditions for any changes in website after project is complete
  6. What will be recurring charges per year

Get these clear answers before choosing any web development company in kolkata and choose properly according to their answer.


Best web development company in kolkata

Avoid any web development company who does this

When any web development company in kolkata does the following avoid them :

  1. Call you repeatedly and reduce package price with every call
  2. Can not provide any customer details who will vouch for them
  3. Deny to show GST or Trade License
  4. Deny to give access to developer before project
  5. Has almost no Social presence


In this article we have discussed how to get the best web development company in kolkata in 2020. Moz web development is providing customer service since 2012 and has been awarded as top 3 web development company in kolkata in 2020.