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Is Website Security Threat your biggest Concern?

In any web development company project maintenance and security plays an integral role. No matter whichever types of website you deal with whether personal or professional it is best to have a security check every once in a while. Since security threat and relative issues have become a major concern in today’s world of ever-growing technology so the best way to keep your website safe is by either updating on your own or hiring a professional web development company

Every e-commerce web development company, web design company or professional web development company are aware of the maintenance of their clients’ websites and takes the security of its sites very seriously. But chances are that you if are not aware of the same then your website may be vulnerable to malware and security threat. [web development company in kolkata]

A Quick Guide for Security & Maintenance of Web Development

So here we discuss some of the steps which you can follow to keep your website safe:

4 Simple Steps for Web Security & Maintenance  

  1. Website security settings Verification

There are security features that come with your website, especially your hosting plan. And you will hardly see a web development company that does not have this security feature in its projects. But when you verify your privacy and security settings, you can see some default settings that can make your site a target for hackers. All you need to do is manually adjust the settings to what you consider safe for your site information.

You may consider avoiding automatic download, blocking pop-ups, not allowing tracking, etc. Besides if you have a large establishment then consider hiring a professional web development company.  

  1. Visual Inspection of the Website

There must be a lock sign in the URL bar each time your URL is written. If that sign is not there, your security has been violated. Besides, you will notice that most URLs come in this “HTTPS” format, indicating that the site is protected. But when the last “s” is missing, so it only has “HTTP”, something is wrong with the security of your website. You can seek the help of a professional web development company if it is something you cannot solve on your own. And if you are visiting a site and discover this, it is an indication that it is not safe and that you should not provide any personal information on it.

  1. Run an Online Security Check on your Website

There are several online sites where you can perform a security check on your website, but first, be aware of their purpose. Among popular online sites, you can opt for Virus-Total an online tool that uses antivirus scanners and other security procedures to verify any threat when using the website. All you need to do is type your URL in the search bar and it will show the status of your website.

  1. Check if your URL has a Privacy Policy

This is part of the online research you can do every time you visit a website. A website that does not have a privacy policy is an indication that you might be ready to scam. Therefore, your website should not be exempt from having it too.

The Concluding Line

On a final note, some of your website visitors know some of these and once you find that your website is missing in any of these areas, you can prevent your potential customers from coming for what you are offering on the site. 


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