5 Startling Features of WordPress You Should Know

WordPress an open-source content management system is a website building tool that enables anyone to create and modify a website in the simplest way for free. It not only helps in creating an SEO friendly website but also features a lot of new aspects like plug-ins and themes. Apart from that in the world of ever-changing technology WordPress always offers something new for its users and to be aware of that it is better to work with an expert web development company.  

So today we will be discussing five amazing features of WordPress and how they could help you in building a secure and better website.    

Amazing Features of WordPress

  • Screen Options

You may have noticed the screen option buttons that are displayed in the administration area of ​​the WordPress page. Many beginner WordPress users are unaware of this feature that allows you to condense the administration page similarly to the subsequent editing screen to manage the workflow.

By default, members are redirected to the dashboard page in the WordPress administration area when they log in. The dashboard page has many convenient features that point to different sections of your website. These sections are compartmentalized in different boxes called dashboard widgets. You can click the screen options button to show or hide these boxes. You can also drag and drop them to rearrange the elements in your WordPress panel.

  • Paste the URL to link the visual editor

Many do not know that to paste a link, all they need is to select a text and press the V control to do (on Mac) to paste the URL. The link is automatically converted by the visual editor.

  • Availability mode for widgets

In general, we like it to be so natural to simply relocate devices on the sidebars. In some cases and for some clients it is difficult to move things using a mouse or trackpad. The experts in the leading web development company recommend the user to use a hidden accessibility mode for gadgets. This accessibility mode facilitates the inclusion of gadgets without dragging and dropping things.

  • Review the topics without activating them

Numerous customers emphasize that changing your WordPress theme will have undesirable ramifications for your site. Your concern is true, that is why expert web development company organize an agenda of things to do before changing your WordPress theme.

The experts in the web development company state that you can try the new topic without promulgating it. Essentially introduce your new WordPress theme and then go to the Appearance-Themes page.

Move the mouse to the thumbnail of the recently entered theme and then enable Live Preview capture. WordPress will send the custom theme to demonstrate the review of your site using the new theme.

  • Alter images in WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to add images to your posts and pages. What many learners do not know is that WordPress also accompanies some essential aspects that alter the image.

Basically to do this the web development company state that user can visit the Media-Library page and then take a picture. From the image subtleties pop-up window, you can touch the Edit Image capture.

In the image modification mode, you can crop, rotate and resize an image. You can also flip an image in flat or vertical headers. These highlights that alter the image are useful when you have to crop or resize a huge image document legitimately from WordPress.

WordPress feeds 34% of the Internet, hence its small surprise that WordPress is the largest tool to build secure, simply articulated and mobile-friendly websites in lucid and easy steps.

The Bottom Line 

These are some of the amazing features of WordPress you can try on to develop your website to gain more productivity. You can also hire an expert web development company as it will help you in not only developing powerful SEO friendly websites but also help you to rank better.  


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