Top 5 Golang Frameworks for Web Developers

Since its launch, Golang (Google’s Go programming language) has become a powerful and popular option for writing APIs and web services. Users and web development company mainly prefer this programming language after its introduction.

Google’s “Go”, also known as Golang, is compiled to quickly execute native code. It is attracting several web development company experts and programmers from different segments. This can be said easily because a web developing company have found it easy to use Go.

Golang has native metaphors for non-contemporary programming and other useful features for web services. Being an open-source compiled programming language, Golang helps web development company to create competent, reliable and simple software. Language defines the evolution and innovation of more moderate languages ​​such as C and C ++. Besides, Go has a wide and growing range of users.

Golang is designed for concurrency and scalability and also makes optimizations possible. With this programming language, you can eliminate the amount of code you write and write unique APIs without compromising functionality. This compiled language can perform all code verification jobs before runtime.

In this blog, we have compiled a list of the main web frameworks recently used by our web development company in Golang. Some are intended for easier use cases, while others are designed to deal with the full development of the website, depending on the elements you need for your project.


  1. Martini

Martini by Sinatra is designed as a  lightweight web framework. It deals with some fundamental things like exception treatment, routing and common tricks for middleware. At first, there was an answer in the Golang community because it has many reflection tactics to clean the routing API structure.

Martini can do some unique things, such as injecting several data sets dynamically into the controllers, depending on the type. This is common in Ruby’s frames but has received a lot of popularity in the Golang community. Although it is a small community, it is active and there are twenty or more active supplements. Since it is a small frame, you get many things that need add-ons.


  1. Gin Gonic

This web framework has an API quite similar to Martini’s, but it surely works better. In case you have already used Martini, meet Gin Gonic. Otherwise, it will only take you 10 minutes to help you learn Gin. Yes, it is that simple.

The conservative Gin Gonic framework incorporates only the most important features and libraries. This makes it ideal for building high-performance REST API. Also, this is 40 times faster than the Martini framework.


  1. Beego

In some ways, we found that Beego is similar to the Django all-inclusive website framework for Python. It has a wide range of features that are common to web applications and are organized into 8 modules that can be avoided or used as needed.

In addition to the general MVC elements that appear in the maximum web frames, it also incorporates an ORM (Object Relationship Map) to access data, session management tools, a built-in cache controller, libraries for general operations with HTTP components and registration systems


  1. Net / HTTP

You may know that this is the framework you should require if you read the Go mailing lists. Developers usually develop the entire XMPP server with just HTTP or net and it works correctly.

However, complicated web applications generally require middleware. And some attractive projects allow you to mix and match middleware from other Golang web frameworks with HTTP or standard network. This community is big because users can use bits again from many other projects.


  1. Buffalo

With Buffalo, you can develop new web applications quickly and easily. Buffalo configures everything when a new project is about to start, from front-end to back-end web development.

Buffalo comes with the Hot Reloading function which means that the dev command will automatically look at your .html and .go files. Then, it will restart and develop its binary again.

If you simply execute the dev command, you will experience some transformations that will be executed directly in front of you. We can consider Buffalo beyond simply a framework. It is rather a holistic web building ecosystem that helps you to directly develop your application.



Therefore, these are some web frameworks that can be used for the Golang language. Each frame has a set of features to experience. To get the best utility of the 5 web frames mentioned above you can check the best web development company that will give you a robust experience with Go web frames.


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