Top 3 Frameworks for Developing Progressive Web App

Have you ever thought about how technology has dramatically changed your life? Either by the act of watching television or the way a mobile phone is used, all aspects of our lives have undergone significant changes due to technology. As the adoption of smartphones has grown, companies have also witnessed a significant change in the way they can market their products to customers. After all, technology opened a new channel to reach consumers directly. Like other technologies, mobile phones have also evolved and so are the web development company. A technology within smartphones that has taken over is the Progressive Web Application or (PWA).


What are progressive web applications?

Previously, native applications were considered the epitome of perfection for mobile users. However, its inability to offer a highly immersive experience led to the emergence of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These applications stand out for their high adaptation potential. Applications can be adapted to various hardware, platforms and devices.


Best PWA Frameworks

One thing is for sure: PWA is taking the world of smartphones calmly. If you are thinking of using them to market your business, the first step is to decide on which framework to build it.

Now, there are multiple options available. However, not all frames are on par. Here are the best you can find.

  1. Angular

Introduced by Google in 2009, Angular is by far the most popular framework for the web development company to develop progressive web applications. The structures make use of JavaScript to create responsive, reliable and robust applications. It has two additional CLI commands that further simplify the process of downloading and installing the web application on a device.

Angular key benefits

  • Easy implementation since the methodology used is clearly defined
  • The addition of CLI has shortened the learning curve for the framework
  • Includes IntelliSense and typed
  • Excellent support, as Google supports it

Disadvantages of Angular

  • You need to learn Typescript to use the framework
  • It is comparatively complex


  1. React

With the support of Facebook, React is another popular and highly functional PWA framework. It is famous among web development company due to its extensive JavaScript library.

The framework uses by the web development company are JSX to link to HTML structures. One can use several available packages to further expand its application and project.

React key benefits

  • A dominant ecosystem
  • Facebook maintains the code, which guarantees smooth operations and support
  • The framework helps create scalable and flexible applications.
  • The code used to React for web applications can also be used for native applications
  • The rendering process is very fast, thanks to Virtual-DOM

Disadvantages of React

  • Only a programmer can use the framework since it requires knowledge about JSX
  • Compared to JavaScript, the framework is quite complex
  • The more you opt for flexibility, the more problems will appear
  • There is no defined methodology. Therefore, the implementation is complicated


  1. Vue

If you’re new to the world of programming, you probably haven’t heard of Vue. This is because compared to React and Angular, Vue is much newer.

However, this does not mean that it is not a great framework. Vue presents one of the fastest-growing libraries among all other frameworks. This is because the web development company use this framework to crack the code by offering two essential things: high-speed rendering and simplistic coding.

Vue key benefits

  • Great players like Laravel and Alibaba support the framework
  • Since the code is simple; it’s easy for new developers to learn it
  • The framework is quite simple and has similar concepts such as Angular and React

Disadvantages of Vue

  • The framework is not owned by a company, but by a single person. Therefore, the support team is also small
  • The advantage of flexibility creates problems when used


The Bottom Line

Each of the three PWA frameworks has managed to provide extreme comfort to the web development company. Choosing the right framework for your progressive web application is the first and one of the most crucial steps. Determine if your created application will be responsive, scalable, interactive, robust and easy to use.

The right framework for you depends on the needs of your application and the selection of the right web development company. Therefore, you cannot make this decision without the input of your developers.

Choose a quality web development company and the right framework to enjoy all the benefits that PWA brings with it.


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