Responsive Website Examples & Ultimate Overview in 5 minutes

Basically,  Responsive Websites are the sites that adjust itself to the resolution of the device you are using. In layman terms, if you opening a non-responsive website, it will show similar in pc and desktop, as a result either one will look bad and not easy to use. But Responsive websites restructure themselves according to pc resolution and mobile resolution, thats why you can get best view possible in any device, any resolution, all across platforms. We will provide you with Responsive Website Examples and other details in this Article.

Previously when websites were designed in HTML then the websites were fair viewing on PC or Mac but the view didnt adjust themselves in handheld or portable devices like Mobile or tablet. As a result you could see a horizontal view of the website in mobile devices with very small fonts, which reduce the user experience to a lot. So now you get Responsive Website Examples and causes.

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But now a days bootstrap and php are used to make any website responsive so they are user friendly and effective across all devices and platforms.

Responsive Website Examples

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