Kotlin Preferred Best For Android App Build-out

For the past two years, Google has been using the Kotlin programming language for Android application development. Although the market was under Java’s influence for many years, now its presence and application are eclipsed by Kotlin the advanced programing language. The web development company are also coping with its application and usage.

In its 2019 I/O Conference, Google announced Kotlin as its main language for writing codes for Android applications. The organization also stated that it will provide many new APIs and Jetpack features first in Kotlin.

Android Jetpack, a collection of Android software elements, simplifies the development of Android applications. Therefore, the application developer in the web development company is about to start a new Android application development project, it is time to write it in Kotlin!

Just 2 years earlier, at the Google I/O Conference 2017, the Android manufacturer declared assistance for Kotlin in its Android Studio IDE. That was also a surprise since Java had long been a Google preference for the development of Android applications; However, few statements in I/O 2017 obtained more appreciations.

In addition, the demand for Kotlin has increased over the past 2 years. Currently, more than 50% of experienced Android developers in the web development company uses this programming language to create Android applications. In its most recent survey of stack overflow developers, Google declared Kotlin the fourth most preferred programming language.

Google described Kotlin as a modern and static-type programming language that will improve the happiness and productivity of a developer. In fact, codes are written in Kotlin generally do not require much effort, with fewer lines of code to write, maintain or test.

Therefore, it is not entirely difficult to understand why Google gives Kotlin the highest preference as the preferred programming language for Android application development.

However, developers who still use Java as a programming language should not worry because Google continues to offer support for C ++ and Java for Android application development.


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