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Importance of Color Psychology for Web Designing

Colours influence human perceptions, which may not be obvious, but even so, colours become important. Many web designers in the leading web design company see colour as a tool to market their sites. Colour is considered as an important tool to convey a specific message to users. Different colours have different implications for a person. The meaning of colour varies according to our cultural background and personal choices. However, the colours have some universal cues and therefore choosing the right colour can be difficult. Therefore today we will be going to discuss how colour creates an implication on our psychology and how to choose the best colour combination for website designing. 

The Significance of Colour Psychology

The psychology of colour is very important in web design. Designers use various colours on websites. They decide the colours based on a target audience and the value of the brand. Colours arouse desire and emotions. Yes, when we see a colour, our eyes send a message to the hypothalamus region of our brain. Then it sends signals to the pituitary glands and the thyroid glands. As a result, hormones are released, which triggers emotions.

The leading web design company believes that Colours play an important role in various aspects of marketing, especially conversion. The colour on your website can increase or decrease your conversion rates. That is why you are asked to use the best colour that works for your website. Appropriate colours should be used in your texts, logo, call-to-action-buttons, background, pop-up windows, headers and borders. You can also hire an expert web design company to make an effective impact on your website.

The Impact of Colour Spectrum in Web Design

Like navigation, structure and design, colours are important for a site. The psychology of colour helps designers choose the right colours for the products, the logo and other products from their websites. To choose the right colours, you must understand the colours and your emotions.

  • Green: indicates nature, health, growth and sustainability.
  • Red: represents danger and intensity. It is a colour to express strength, power and confidence.
  • Yellow: it is the colour for youth. Bright yellow colour acts as a highlighter which could be used to seek attention. You may consider using this colour for a call to action buttons.
  • Blue: represents trust, calm, professionalism and spiritualism. It is the colour for men. Hospitals, banks and health professionals prefer this colour.
  • White: represents peace, perfection, simplicity and purity. It is a neutral colour.
  • Purple: represents luxury, nobility, intimacy, wealth, wisdom and relationships.
  • Black: represents different meanings in different contexts. When it comes to outfits, it indicates formality. It also represents evil, death, luxury and mourning.

Tips on Using Colours in Web Design

To make a further impact of the colour combination on your website you can follow some of the tips suggested by the experts of the leading web design company which can help you in furthering your productivity as a major portion of preference of a website depends upon the visual appeal.

  • You can use red or yellow to call the action
  • Use soft and relaxing colours if your target people are women
  • If you want to communicate something important or urgent, you can use red
  • Wear black, blue or green if you are targeting men
  • Doctors, banks and clinics can use blue as a business colour.
  • Use red, orange or yellow if you are targeting children
  • Wear black if targeting a rich audience

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