How to Choose Data Hosting

You may have faced a familiar dilemma of ‘which hosting provider should I trust with my website?’. And then it’s not just about you as from developers to bloggers everyone has a hard time in finding the right choice.  

So before getting into the possible solution, there are 3 S i.e. speed, support and security should be taken into consideration to have excellent server accommodation. Besides, according to Simon Ball, head of digital media services at Nasdaq Corporate Solutions said: “You need the ability to quickly scale your website as your target audience grows and the resilience to handle sudden high-traffic explosions,”. 

Below we discuss some of the determinants that you should consider before choosing a data hosting site: 


Determine the Type of Website You’re Building

Accommodation services are available in a wide range of prices ranging from a few INR a month to high priced packages. If you are starting a small business, you can probably do quite well with a virtual private or cloud server, or a managed service. 

Here is a look at why experts prefer A2 Hosting service when choosing a hosting provider and links to various A2 Hosting service and discount listings:

  • Shared Hosting – It is a starter package and is designed to use it for hosting a personal blog/site.
  • Reseller Hosting – It is an intermediate package and is designed to host your customers. 
  • VPS Hosting – It is an exclusive package designed to cover more than shared hosting.
  • Dedicated Hosting – It is a personalized package designed for most intensive business needs. 




Consider the Availability of Customer Service 

The basic customer service provides access to email, tickets and telephone support. However, the response time in the requests will vary. Some service providers like A2 Hosting even offer 24-hour telephone support. 

If you want to completely delegate the administration of your site, then you should consider the managed service of A2 Hosting because they ensure that your system is configured correctly for loading, monitor security issues, apply patches to your software as necessary, and manage backups, among other tasks.


Calculate the Amount of Traffic You Expect 

If you are looking for greater hosting happiness then consider A2 Hosting because they provide compatible storage, high-bandwidth and stringent security. Besides the hosting website also quote their charges based on the storage and bandwidth usage. The bandwidth and storage requirement depends upon the traffic of your website for example if you expect only a few people to visit your site, the bandwidth will be low. But if it suddenly appears at the top of Google or your product goes viral, you can expect bandwidth requirements to increase.

As long as you are honest with your needs and requirement, there is not much risk. For example, if you plan to serve only a few pages to a few local customers, you will never meet any limits. But if you know that you are building a site that will emphasize low-end shared servers, be sure to choose a dedicated or cloud-based server. 


Understand Server Types 

The cheapest hosting is available on shared servers, where a box can run hundreds of websites. The performance of your site depends on the load that all other sites are putting on the host. Shared hosting also limits your access to server capabilities, generally limiting it to uploading files via FTP or SFTP, preventing shell access, restricting the programs that you can run in the service and limiting the amount of access to the database. 

The next level is VPS (for virtual private server), which is a complete instance of a virtual machine (a simulated computer) that runs in a box. Typically, hosting providers run many instances of VPS in a box, but the performance is almost always better than the base-level shared services. If you use a VPS of A2 Hosting then you should be familiar with the basic maintenance and administration of the server.

If you do not want to share the performance with other sites, consider a dedicated server, a physical box that you rent. It is the same as having a server behind your desk, except that it is located in the data centre of a service provider. Only those with systems management skills need to apply.

Cloud servers may be a better option. They usually run in giant public clouds, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Service providers can build any configuration that suits the needs of their customers. The great benefit of servers in the cloud is that it can scale without problems. If you need to be able to handle that big traffic increase, just pay more money to your provider. Nothing needs to be moved or rebuilt.


Be Careful with Unlimited Offers 

Sometimes hosting providers offer so-called high bandwidth and unlimited storage for nominal charges a month. This deal is often not what it seems to be. If you pay minimum charges for the accommodation, there is likely to be something in your terms of service that allows your hosting provider to limit its performance or close it after a certain level of use.

Choose a portable content management system to avoid blocking. Most of the hosts are quite good, but things changes with time. Changes in administration, acquisitions and technological changes can alter your web hosting plans. Make sure to choose a reliable host like A2 Hosting so that your site is not blocked, and that it has a backup practice in place.

Many businesses these days opt for an open-source content management system. Many people use WordPress over PHP, which will run on almost anything. Make periodic updates and backups of the site, so you always have access to the data, media and structure of your site. This approach means that all you need to do is upload your backup to another provider’s service and point your domain name to that provider.

Now that you know how to upload your site to the Internet, you are ready to get started. Go and build something great. Check A2 Hosting various subscription packages to find a service that works for you.