Boost Your Website with This Web Development Tool

Useful web development tools needed for a powerful online presence

Having a website does not guarantee a powerful online presence, although it is a prerequisite for it. There are several web development tools that are used to ensure a strong online presence, and web developers use them to debug and test their code. These tools do not directly help in the creation of web pages and are used to test the web application interface or a user-oriented website. For quality service, you can check out the website development company in Kolkata.

The World Wide Web is growing exponentially and is becoming complex day by day. There are many web development tools that have facilitated web development and here we deal with the last five web development tools:


CSS preprocessors

CSS is easy to write and the syntax is easy to understand. However, it is not easy to deal with multiple style sheets and this happens when your project gets bigger. This is where CSS Pre-processors comes at hand. It is a tool that allows you to write the test and maintainable codes in the future, which reduces the amount of CSS that must be written. There are different types of CSS pre-processor such as Sass, Myth, etc.


Template engine

Creating a static HTML page is something that is quite easy. However, if things can get out of hand if you have to manage multiple HTML pages in a single project. Almost all the components are shared by all the pages such as Footer, Sidebar, etc. What happens if you change the footer of a page? Should I change the footer of all the other pages one by one? It is better if you use a Template Engine instead.



If you are looking for a niche market in terms of themes and templates, then Girdgum is what you should choose. The topics are attractive and receptive, and the best thing about this web development tool is the fact that it is attractive from the point of view of buyers and sellers.


Expression engine

This is a content management tool that allows you to show your content in any place of your choice since it is separate from the design.


Icon Maker

This allows you to design countless icons in seconds that blend with the theme of your website. You can also choose from your icon gallery and customize it according to your needs.

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