5 UI Design Mistakes That You Should Avoid

The user interface (UI) is the main thing when it comes to designing a website and application. In general, it is the design of the UI that creates a first impression to the viewers upon which they decide whether or not to interact regularly. According to a leading web design company, a site cannot develop much if it does not provide a better user experience. Visitors generally leave a site if they find their content boring or their design seems unimpressive.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the user interface is the key to the success of a website. Also hiring an experienced web design company will not only increase the conversion rate of your website but also drag new viewers every day. So let’s take a look at some of the common errors which you should avoid to increase your conversion rate: 


Common UI design errors that should be avoided while Web Designing

  • Cluttered Design

Sites with a messy design annoy their customers. It spoils the user experience and becomes annoying for users. In case the design is unorganized and cluttered, it tends to affect the conversion rates of the site since customers cannot obtain the CTA position. The use of excessive content, colours, images and insufficient focus for creativity can make the design crowded.

  • Incorrect Position of CTA

CTA packages complete the conversion power of web pages in a single button. Therefore, it becomes very crucial when it comes to the conversion rate. All aspects of the CTAs must clearly define the users that can be clicked on and must touch it.

However, this is where people make mistakes since they don’t pay attention to the CTA that results in a bad result. The essential characteristics that you should consider when building your CTA are colour, design, size, shape, location, language and length.

  • Unresponsive Design

This is also one of the great UI design flaws that websites often make. This restricts the growth of a website and causes failures. An unresponsive design shows that the site is useless when it comes to responding across platforms and devices. To avoid unresponsive UI design hire an experienced web design company.

  • Use of Stock Images

The archive images are undervalued because they are false and you can easily notice it. When visitors visit your site, they look for a specific item or service and also want to believe you. This is another reason why leading web design company to prefer to avoid stock images because it not only decreases the trust and commitment of users but also affects the authenticity of the websites. 

  • Inadequate Navigation

In case the navigation of your website is disorganized and inappropriate, users leave your site earlier than expected. The purpose of a site is to make users easily navigate from one place to another or through the website so that they can access data easily.


The Bottom Line

It is clear that the UI comes with many obstacles, but you can overcome them. And solving those problems makes your design perfect. Follow the aspects mentioned below:

  • Use less content and say more. Use actionable words to involve users.
  • Develop an organized website or application where you can place content in a balanced way.
  • Your site or application must be immensely functional and easily accessible through different devices.
  • Never force your users to think hard. Let them spontaneously do what you want them to do.
  • Focus on designing for your promising customers and not for you.
  • The navigation of your website should be simple and appropriate.
  • The loading speed of a site must be high.
  • Be sure to keep some social evidence on your application or site.
  • Do not use any archive image to maintain the authenticity of your application or site.
  • The CTA of your site must be actionable and attractive.

Be sure to follow the above suggestions and apply them while designing the user interface of your application or website. Besides, consider hiring an experienced web design company which will not only help you in developing an efficient application but also improve the conversion rate of your site and give a better experience in an increase in customer satisfaction.


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